Multilingual content

I guess there are other users out there facing the same challenge:

  • Keeping records in different languages for the same document

I would like to avoid keeping separate documents for each language as this would result in lots of redundant documents within the system.

So far I've only seen ways to submit multilingual versions of vocabularies and translations for labels via .properties files but not the rest of the content.

Is there a way in nuxeo to use 'xml:lang' tags in all appropriate metadata elements (e.g. dublin core) to achieve the translations of the content. Or are there other means for multilingual content without creating redundant documents.


Stefan Szepe

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Multilingual can be handled either by complex schemas on the same document (pairing the language information information and the metadta value for each, including files) or with separate documents that would be linked to the “master one”. Both methods have some advantages and drawbacks, but imo having separate documents work better:

  • you can find them and only them (for a given language) in the search
  • you can have separate validation flows (for translation)
  • if you don't want to be bothered by all the documents, you can set some browsing rules for viewing only documents for your language, etc …
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Thanks a lot Alain for the info. I think I'll give it a try with the complex field first. As the multilingual dc tags are stored in the file, extracting them with exiftool works fine and mapping them to complex field entries seems an easier solution. I'll just have to see how to handle widget visibility and hiding of empty fields in summary pages. Otherwise I'd have to create multiple language documents on upload depending on the metadata available in the file. Though I agree that this solution would be nicer for validation workflows, elasticsearch indexing and so on.