How to force existing Blobs to be encrypted when turning on AESBinaryManager in an existing repository?

Want to turn on disk blob encryption in an existing repository (with many documents). Have enabled in conf with snippet below. Encryption works well for a brand new repo but opening/viewing documents fails in a repository with pre-existing content. Is there any way to force conversion of non-encrypted blobs to be encrypted? I wrote a little bit of java to read existing unencrypted blob as a file, then save to the existing nuxeo document, expecting the blob to be encrypted when re-written to disk but very clearly I'm missing something here. Any suggestions on how to force encryption of pre-existing blobs would be appreciated.

enable BLOB encryption

nuxeo.core.binarymanager=org.nuxeo.ecm.core.blob.binary.AESBinaryManager nuxeo.core.binarymanager_key=password=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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