Create Document with one title, sometime later change the title, how do I get the title with link to change?

I've created a document with a title (dc:title) and (dc:description) using the same string

At a later time I changed the title and description.

I would like the title with link, in my views, to change reflecting the changes in dc:title and or dc:description.

Can this be done in studio?

Do I need to change field3 in the title with link widget to get the updated title to display?

Should this widget display the dc:description?

The widget demo seems to be broken.

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I used Nuxeo shell I've change dc:title to get the changes I want.

My automation client must have issues changing the title so I'll look there.

The answer to my question, from Nuxeo shell, change dc:title, the title of the link changes.

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