How to remove obsolete Nuxeo Instance references from the instance list?

In Admin Center->Monitoring->Administrative Statuses, I see references to Nuxeo Instances that no longer exist. How can I delete these obsolete Nuxeo Instance references? Do these obsolete Nuxeo Instance references cause any harm?

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Administrative status instance ids are persisted in system documents of type AdministrativeStatus. The old references just mean that at some point the database was used by another Nuxeo instance.

An instance id is either the one from the nuxeo.conf property, or is derived at startup from MAC address and filesystem instance root location.

In the advanced search you can see the system documents for a given instance id using:

SELECT * FROM AdministrativeStatus WHERE status:instanceId = 'Linux--3cac1abac4092595cc7abf439ce4a73-552995294185a19d7ac3217c76d249cb'

You can delete them from Nuxeo, or directly inside the database at the SQL level.

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