Custom fields to groups and Web UI

With JSF UI, adding custom fields was very easy because a group layout existed ready to be overridden and customized.

However with Web UI, the group fields are all hardcoded in the nuxeo-group-management elements and its children.

Is there a new proper way to add custom fields to groups without forking the whole Web UI project?


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Ups…Then I don't have other option for the moment. I will report this issue to the Product team. Thx

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It's actually a recurring issue to not be able to override a single element in Web UI. Everything is bundled in nuxeo-app.html and elements.html wich are 80k and 60k LOC each.


The best option is to create a schema which extends the default group schema, and then override the corresponding group related elements in order to add those new properties (in view and edit layout).  You don't need to fork Web UI anyway: you can simply create the same file in Studio Designer, in the same folder location (create missing folders if needed) or make a slot contribution in your bundle file.


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That's what I wanted to do, except the elements I need to override are in the nuxeo-app.html file which is 80000 lines long. Is there a way to override only one element in this file without copying it entirely?