Nuxeo CSV document upload with tags not working

Hi, I am using nuxeo 8.1 and added nuxeo csv package for csv import along with files. Its working very well with all nuxeo schema fields however i am not able to add tags in the csv. The tag is not added in the document even after adding column “tag:label” OR “ecm:tag”.

Can some one help me with an example to add a tag. Is it possible to add a tag with Nuxeo CSV package?

below is my csv:

“name”,“type”,“dc:title”,“dc:description”,“file:content”,“tag:label” “Tulips”,“Picture”,“Tulips sample”,“This is my file's description”,“Tulips.jpg”,“Amol”

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Hi Amol,

at first, you can find into list of AUTHORIZED_HEADERS of Nuxeo CSV project the ecm:tag, so you must use it instead. I have seen that Nuxeo CSV module delegates the update or create document to CoreSession with the computed map of properties, ecm:tag included.

Hope it helps


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Hi Victor, thanks for the answer. However i am getting below error while using ecm:tag.

2016-02-17 21:15:54,584 ERROR [Nuxeo-Work-csvImporter-3] [org.nuxeo.ecm.core.event.impl.EventServiceImpl] Exception during binaryMetadataSyncListener sync listener execution, continuing to run other listeners org.nuxeo.binary.metadata.api.BinaryMetadataException: Command 'exiftool-read-taglist' is not available.

    at org.nuxeo.binary.metadata.internals.ExifToolProcessor.readMetadata(
    at org.nuxeo.binary.metadata.internals.BinaryMetadataServiceImpl.readMetadata(

Is this some configuration issue. Am I missing something ?


Hi Amol,

it seems you don't have installed exiftool command in your system. You can find the contribution for the command 'exiftool-read-taglist', for example, here:

You can check it in your system before.

Regards, VS!


Thanks Victor, however I have also tried using ecm:tag as a column name. That also didn't work.

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