Removing default custom actions

Hi all!

I've added some lifecycle related custom actions displayed in a custom summary view in the custom actions widget.

my custom buttons are displayed next to a list of default action that I would like to remove :

(my translations may not be accurate)

“lock”, “permanent link”, “follow this document”, “export”, “print”, “add to selection”

Can I simply remove them ? ( how? )

or maybe you've got a better way to display lifecycle related actions… ?


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in the custom actions widget, the 'widget type' field help says :

“It will display actions in the category given in the 'category' property”

the category is targetting “Contextual tools” by default.

I guess i've got to change it…

Edit : Found it !

In the category drop down menu, we can pick “Content Views” category. We can create a custom content view in :

Listing & Views > Content Views

then set your User Action buttons' Category to point this new one.

(I was missing the link between a 'category' and a 'Content View' )

I wonder if there is other wayto do it, but this works fine.

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