Null pointer on preview of .docx file uploaded via Nuxeo .NET SDK

I'm evaluating the Nuxeo FT10.1 platform using the VMware virtual machine available on the Nuxeo website. My problem comes when I upload a .docx file through the .NET SDK: the file is correctly uploaded, but when I access to the document through the web interface, the preview window only shows the following message:


This only happens with .docx files uploaded via SDK. The files uploaded through the web are previewed correctly.

Here is the code that uploads the file:

public async void CreateDocument(string documentPath, string repositoryPath)
    using (var client = new Client(RepositoryEndpoint, new Authorization(Username, Password)))
        var folder = (Document)await client.DocumentFromPath(repositoryPath).Get();

        var uploader = client.Uploader()

        await uploader.AddFile(documentPath).UploadFiles();

        var documents = await uploader.Operation("FileManager.Import")
                .SetContext("currentDocument", folder.Path)

        Console.WriteLine("Operation complete: CreateDocument");

Any idea?


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Hi Alfonso,

the file server.log contains the NullPointerException cause. Please check it.

Regards, VS!

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