How functional is Nuxeo without Nuxeo Connect/Studio?

How functional is Nuxeo without Nuxeo Studio?

I'm looking at using it for a non-profit that has zero budget. To be perfectly up-front, they will never be in a position to purchase Nuxeo Connect.

Can Nuxeo be customized without Nuxeo Studio? I realize that Studio would make it easier, but can everything be done outside of Studio, through configuration files or other manual intervention? Or is there functionality that simply cannot be accomplished without purchasing a service or product?

My client (well, I'm pro-bono, so “client” is a bit of a misnomer…) would want to:

  • Create new document types
  • Create approval chains/workflow
  • Create event listeners and other triggers

Is this possible without additional expense?

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it's fully functional ! You just need a good knowledge of Nuxeo to achieve all the customizations you want.

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Perfect. That's what I needed to know.

Here is a step by step tutorial to develop with nuxeo. Hope it helps.

Step 1: Pull nuxeo code from git repository ( and update the code by using python master -a

Step 2: Import the code into IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Step 3: Build the project and create a maven run configration with following parameters: clean -DskipTests=true install -Paddons,distrib

You will find the executable built project under /YOUR_PATH_TO_NUXEO/nuxeo/nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-server-tomcat/target/nuxeo-server-tomcat-9.2-SNAPSHOT/bin/

For detail tutorial you can see this link:

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