Cannot edit files locally with Nuxeo 6.0 and drive 1.4.0


just set up our new Nuxeo 6.0 server.

I installed nuxeo-drive-1.4.0 in order to test the promising Edit directly feature.

When I click on the button, a “Locally Edited” folder is indeed created and the main file of the document (“XXX”) synchonized, but no application is launched in order to effectively edit the main file.

If I edit the local file (opening it in the “Locally Edited” folder), no synchronisation occurs after the modification..

If I click again on the Edit directly button of the same document, a second file is created locally (named “XXX_1”) and the behaviour is the same.

What's wrong with my client ?

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Same problem with 1.4.2 BTW, the Collection "Locally Edited" has once been created and declared as a sync root, i deleted it and it does not created anymore

What's you Nuxeo Drive version ? You can see it in the About tab of the Settings panel. Anyway, you should try resetting your drive by deleting ~/.nuxeo-drive and ~/Nuxeo Drive, install the latest version and restart it. As some bug fixes have been made recently this might solve your issue.

Nuxeo drive is v1.3.1216

I upgraded to HF03, Drive to 1.4.3 : same kind of behaviour :

the Locally edited folder is indeed created but does not appear in the synchronization roots and the file does not open.


ERROR nxdrive.commandline Error executing 'download_edit': [Error 161] Le chemin d'accès spécifié n'est pas valide: u'\\?\C:\Documents and Settings\bouvret\Mes documents\Nuxeo Drive\Locally Edited\TabRESO.xlsx' Traceback (most recent call last):

I've found some problems when using an administrator account. Are you using a standard user?

Is there any error in your nuxeo drive log?


The used account is member of power users

the trace from the client is given above : problem with the path of the local file


Have you synchronised the folder where the document is? (see

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No, i m using "Online Editing" that should automatically create and synchronize the "Locally Edited" folder

not unless you sync the folder.

pibou is right, the main purpose of Online editing, aka Drive Edit is to allow local edition af a document NOT in a synchronized folder, via Nuxeo Drive. In which case the main file attached to the Nuxeo document is downloaded to a special "Locally Edited" folder under the main Nuxeo Drive folder of the file system. This folder is then mapped to the "Locally Edited" server-side Collection that is registered as a synchronized folder, for changes to be taken into acocunt by Nuxeo Drive both ways.