Can you have a structured asset or document in nuxeo?

About: Document or Asset cluster / group / relation / structure / hierarchy


  • A user creates sheet music titled “Opus No.1”. – He offers the document in 3 formats (pdf, mid, mus).

  • Additionally he creates a variant titled “Opus No.1 / Improvisation”. – This one he offers as coverages:

    1. complete composition
    2. instrument 1
    3. instrument 2

    now each in 4 formats (pdf, mid, mus, txt)


The Hierarchy in this case is FOR EVERY DOCUMENT / ASSET:


.. |- variant

….. |- coverage

……. |- rendition

e.g. : “Opus No.1” / “Improvisation” / “Instrument 2” / “Musicfile.pdf”

  • Clearly, these documents are closely related to each other. For obvious reasons they shouldn't be just listed side by side as single renditions (pdf, txt …) in the UI. But be held together inside of containers, organized as linked groups/clusters.

  • Creation of e.g. renditions inside of titles should be prohibited and allowed only inside of a coverage. So, the business logic and workflow need to support this document structure concept.

  • Also, common METADATA should be inherited down the hierarchy.

  • In a faceted search, the hierarchy layers should be available.


I already searched for document clustering, ontologies and document structure. The only thing that sounds kind of right are relations and folders. But I am not sure of this.

The user can't do the relation linking again and again, everytime. This needs to be offered by the data model and represented in the UI accordingly.

So .. can you do this conceptual data modeling out of the box in nuxeo? Or is there an extension for that?

How would you do it?

Thanks a lot.

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