Faceted search and configuration locale


I found that when I set specifics faceted search available in the configuration locale of a domain/worskpace, when I go in another domain, I don't retrieve the default faceted search but only theses attached to fhe first domain I visited, until I disconnect then log on again.

It is a voluntary behavior ?

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No, this is not the expected behavior. Could you create a NXP ticket on https://jira.nuxeo.com/ explaining the different steps to reproduce it?



Sorry but I can't log with my account in jira.nuxeo.com, I have this error : "Sorry, your userid is required to answer a CAPTCHA question correctly." I think I write well the CAPTCHA response (I try several questions..)

And my username (I ask for it in jira with my email) isn't the same as this for the nuxeo answers, I don't understand why ?