Make imported file use a custom document type

Hi guys !

I wonder if its possible to make an imported file ( let's say a jpg image for the instance) use a custom document type ( a custom document type extends from Picture )

If I use the 'new document' > 'MyCustomPictureType' and associate it with a jpg file, it works fine. But if I click 'import' then choose my jpg file from disk. It automatically create a Picture document type ( the default one).

Is it possible to associate the JPG extension to MyCustomPicture document type ?

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As this question has received a vote, I guess someone may be looking for a clue. I would look at this extension point and how it is used.

Changing the default document type works fine But the filter used in the plugin extension point seems to rely only on MIME type. I d rather have the document type used for the creation based, for instance, on the doctype of the parent document, or the default type in the local configuration. I think it deserves a dedicated question.

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I guess so, yes, as the mime type was the point of the question.