Getting CoreSession from Remote Session?

Hi ,currently i have get user session by below code in liferay

    HttpAutomationClient client = new HttpAutomationClient(automationPath);

    // authentication with secret key
    client.setRequestInterceptor(new PortalSSOAuthInterceptor(
            ConstantUtils.NUXEO_PORTAL_AUTH_SECRET, user.getScreenName()));
           //Class org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.Session
           Session session = client.getSession();

Now i want nuxeo CoreSession from org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.Session. How can i get this ? Thanks in advance. Any small will be appreciated.

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for:

As far as I know you can do all actions needed with the Session, as described in this page


Thanks for your reply, actually i want core session for getting nuxeo task in liferay for each user. I got this by Workflow.GetTask automatio operation , which provide me the all task for particular user by name

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You might find the info you need on this page:

If not you could try using a unrestrictedSessionRunner. An example can be found on: