How to remove Common metadata section from Summary Tab

I have created my own document type with my own schema using Nuxeo Studio. I have defined Creation and Edit Layouts. My document is extended from Nothing but it inherits dublincore schema :( Now I want to get rid of this default schema as I have my own one schema or maybe is there any way we can remove Common metadata section from Nuxeo DM 5.5 document summary tab with the help of nuxeo-studio or any other mean?

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The dublincore widget (a widget with the default dublincore fields) shows in 2 scenarios:

  1. your summary layout is empty
  2. you have added the dublincore widget yourself

To override that behavior, just add any widget to your summary layout in Studio. For instance you can add your view layout widget to the summary layout and this would replace your default summary layout with the dublincore fields.

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Thanks Wojciech, exactly what I needed.

How can i do that on Nuxeo 5.7 ?

In 5.7, summary widgets are displayed via actions, so you can just either disable the corresponding action, either add filters to it to control its appearance.

and with nuxeo 5.6 ? are their actions ??? and how to find their id ?