Performing multiple signatures using Nuxeo Signature addon


We are currently evaluating Nuxeo's signature addon as an interesting feature while designing workflows with Nuxeos. One use case we foresee is to allow more than user to sign a single PDF document.

We've tried the following scenario with LTS2015+nuxeo-signature : 1) user A creates its certificate in Nuxeo and then accesses a PDF document and signs (via the “Signature” tab), 2) user B creates its certificate in Nuxeo and then accesses the same PDF document. The “Signature” tab tells that the document is signed but does not provides a way to sign it again.

It seems that the PDF format allows mutliple signatures of the same document, as documented here, known as Incremental Updates.

Can you confirm that multiple signatures is not implemented in Nuxeo? If so, are there plans to implement it in Nuxeo? Would you recommend another approach to get around this limitation?

Thank you

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Multiple signatures is fully supported by the the Digital Signature add-on you are referencing. Multiple users can sign the same document. The plugin can be configured to set the position of each signature in a grid (see the “Customization” part, at the end of the page of the documentation).

Two typical workflows using the feature would be:

  • Serial: Say 8 users sign the document one after the other
  • Parallel: These 8 users can sign without waiting for previous user to sign it

Also notice we are working on a plugin for DocuSign (the documentation is not finished yet, it is work in progress).


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