Why nuxeo widgets for files in complex list do not show the photos in View Mode?

I have a complex list with type of photo as string and photo as files. Edit mode and create appear correctly while View Mode do not show photo although i have defined as an image widget. Also in view mode the single suggestion vocabulary is not shown only single vocabulary. I think it should be something with ajax an loading of the widget. I have also attached a photo which demonstrate the error. viewmode.png

FILES:   viewmode.png
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Hi Amir, My first question is are thumbnails/picture-previews in general showing up anywhere else for you on platform? If not, then I would double check to see if ImageMagick is installed on your system. If it isn't, this might solve your photo viewing problem as that is what's used to create picture-previews of their larger image counterparts. You can view installation instructions here:


For the second question, I was wondering if you can elaborate a bit more on that? So you have a single suggestion widget that searches a vocabulary, but the selection isn't reflected in view mode? From your screenshot, are you referring to the “Tip Foto” drop down widget? It seems like what was selected from the edit section is being reflected in the view section. Or is there more information from the suggestion list that's not being shown in the view section?

I hope the first part helps.

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