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We're about to upgrade our database to PostgresQL 10.4 for Nuxeo Platform. Doc says that Nuxeo supports PostgresQL 9.6 but we'd like to know if the newest version of Nuxeo supports PostgresQL 10+ anyway. If not yet, is it going to be supported in the next few versions of Nuxeo Platform ? Thanks

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PostgreSQL 10 was not yet released when we were finalizing Nuxeo 9.10, so we couldn't guarantee compatibility for this version of Nuxeo.

But it's very likely that it will work anyway. We welcome reports of problems, and will attempt to fix them.

The next version of Nuxeo will support whatever latest version of PostgreSQL is available at the time of the Nuxeo release.

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Thank you for the answer. So I assume that Nuxeo FT 10.1 is not officially supporting PostgreSQL 10 either ?