Eclipse + Nuxeo IDE environment occur the "Failed to refresh studio project" problem

It's my first time to use Nuxeo to develop enterprise platform. After I installed Nuxeo IBD and add Nuxeo SDK, I built an Nuxeo pligin-in project. According to the instruction, I can see the project in the Studio Project tab, but in a pity, I cant. You can see the picture form the url

which says “Failed to refresh studio project No authentification info, cannot connect to”

What's wrong? How can I figure it?

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Nuxeo project binding can be achieved only if you subscribed to a Nuxeo connect account. You can get a free 30 days trial account if you want to.

Then you have to configure authentication infos in eclipse (window -> preferences -> nuxeo -> nuxeo connect) with your nuxeo connect account credentials.

That said, it does not prevent you from building a project with Nuxeo IDE.

Basically, do your stuff, right click on the root of your project and select Nuxeo -> export jar. Then deploy the build to the platform by copying the jar in NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/bundles or you may use the “hot deploy” option available in development mode.

This resource may help:

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your answer @aCordier.