Oracle 19 support in Nuxeo LTS 2017


I am working with nuxeo LTS 2017 right now and I am using Oracle as VCS. I have seen that the supported version for this nuxeo’s version is Oracle 12c. However, I want to know if it is possible to use Oracle 19. Is it? Can I work with nuxeo LTS 2017 + Oracle 19 even if in the documentation the supported version is 12c?

If not, can I know when nuxeo will add Oracle 19 support? I also checked nuxeo LTS 2019, but the supported versions are 12c and 18c, not 19.

Thank you.

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The official compatibility matrix for LTS 2017 at states that 'Nuxeo Platform will likely work with greater versions of the aforementioned databases. Do not hesitate to inform Nuxeo support of your attempts with different versions.' In general, Nuxeo does not make new certifications on past releases. You might have to change the default JDBC drivers for Oracle new ones (Open questions that comes to mind: Are these compatible and certified with JDK 8? Are there dropped features in these latest releases of JDBC drivers, when compared to the 12c drivers with which Nuxeo is certified?)

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