Template not found: mongodb


I'm trying to install a new version of Nuxeo with Docker. Beeing new to docker, i'm currently trying to setup 2 env based on a env-file. The problem is that when i run my docker with :

docker run –name nuxeoStaging –env-file envStaging.list -p 8080:8080 -d nuxeo

with envStaging.list containing : NUXEO_TEMPLATES=default,mongodb

I have the folowwing error : Could not run configuration: Template not found: mongodb

Alos how to pass multiple custom parameter for the mongoDb in the file , i currently use this, but don't know if this is the correct syntax. NUXEO_CUSTOM_PARAM=nuxeo.mongodb.server='mongodb://host.docker.internal:27017/' NUXEO_CUSTOM_PARAM=nuxeo.mongodb.dbname='nuxeo_test'

Thank you

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