Design a Workflows in 5.6

Hello, Do you have a step-by-step tutorial to create a new workflows in 5.6 and assign it to a doctype (custom or default) or define access right?

Also I already have custom doctype that I created since Nuxeo 5.5 with the old JBPM Framework, and now in 5.6 I can't see anything about workflow in summary (I can't see at least default workflows).

By the public documentation it's seem very simple to design a new workflows, So do I need to use xml contrib or studio? or only with web interface I can do it?

Thanks to help me Best regards, moise

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Hello, I put hotfixes in my test Nuxeo installation. I put the updates up to hotfixe 16. And now I can't see the RoadMap doctype in nuxeo web interface, and my old test custom workflow (without connect) are unset.

Does this mean that the configuration of workflows by Nuxeo web interface is abandoned ?

Best regards, moise

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With Workflows Connect how can I do to generate email notification to user assignee

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Hello, Thanks for your help. I follow this guide : But in Avalability tab in Workflows connect designer i can't add my custom doctype (wthout connect doctype). How can i do to add avalabilty of my new connect workflow to my custom hard-coding doctype?

Best Regards, moise

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When i try to use RoadMap Doctype Graph to generate Custom Workflow in nuxeo 5.6, it make me an error “No start node for graph: “, what is it?

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Do you have more infomation about RoadMap doctype and task doctype include in default package of Nuxeo 5.6

When I Try it I can't launch my custom workflows, it say that I need a Start Node, and i can't found a Start Node Doctype.

Do you have sample with this doctype to create workflow?

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Yes, this is simple ! :D

About a simple workflow example:

Hope this help.

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Thanks for all these reply.

I try the filter action contrib and it's work fine. But the lifecycle of my custom doctype don't change when I try it.


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