Could not extract fulltext of file.......error explaination?

I am transferring a very large set of files via the WebDav interface and I get many warnings such as:

…… [] Could not extract fulltext of file 'Shipping Label.wpd' for document: c3055e1d-da0a-4e70-a208-7bea3adfc584 …..

I found NXP-8671 which shows the changes made to Nuxeo to be more concise with the message output.

My question is: What does this warning imply with respect to the copy of the file created in Nuxeo? I can guess performing a full text search on this document will not produce any output even if the search target exists within the original document, but this is just a guess!


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Digging into the code it looks like the BinaryTextListener will index what it can index and log a warning if any of the parts of the target document cannot be (throws a Conversion exception) indexed.

Is this correct?


The document is stored normally in Nuxeo. It's just the fulltext index that will not be populated.

By the way if you activate DEBUG logs for in log4j.xml you'll get the full stacktrace giving info about what exactly was the error during fulltext extraction.

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