Automate titles of template documents

Hi, Is there any solution to automate this: I have a template that users have to use when they create a new workspace (custom document), so they get the same folderish structure of documents. As they have by default same name of document, I would like that system aggregate the title of the workspace with the titles of every documents in the template. My campsite (title assigned on creation of the new worskspace base on template)

  • – Folder 1 - My campsite —- Workspace 1 - My campsite —- File 1.1 - My Campsite —- File 1.2 - My campsite
  • – Folder 2 - My campsite —- Document 2.1 - My campsite
  • – File 1 - My campsite
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You can get inspiration from

You will have to adapt it a bit as, if I remember well, there is no copy event when you use a template, but you could try to use a NXQL query in order to retrieve descendants and update their title accordingly.

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