How to add a "vocabulary" field to the nuxeo user profile?

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to add a new attribute of type “vocabulary” to the user profile. I followed the following documentation: # HOWTO: Add New Fields to the User Profile or Group Profile, for a field of type string everything is fine. I was able to make it work, but on the other hand when I changed the type of the new field to be a “vocabulary” instead of string, I encountered an error, in fact, the “nuxeo-directory-suggestion” component displays the vocabulary identifier instead of the label. Here is my code:

<!-- nuxeo-edit-user.html -->
<!-- edit new community field -->
<nuxeo-directory-suggestion label="[[i18n('')]]"
                            value="{{}}" name="community" required>
<!-- nuxeo-view-user.html -->
<!-- view new community field -->
      <div class="layout vertical flex">
        <nuxeo-directory-suggestion label="[[i18n('')]]"
                 value="[[]]" readonly="true"
                 min-chars="0"  directory-name="VOC_Community"

I looked in the documentation and saw that you need to define a reference and an inverse reference, so I did, but it didn't work.

<component name="">
  <extension target="" point="directories">
  <directory name="userDirectory" extends="template-user">
        <reference field="community" directory="VOC_Community" name="user2community" source="userId" target="id"/>

Please does anyone have an idea?

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To be displayed correctly, you need to use the following formatter: [[formatDirectory(<XPATH>)]].

For the listing in edit mode, use formatter too (as


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