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I am using nuxeo automation client to see the documents and folders in my nuxeo repository. My goal is to print a tree with the documents AND their rights.

The point is, I don't know how to get the ACL/ACE of a document since the only properties I find when I do

ArrayList<CUFRDoc> father = doc.getDocuments(session,"SELECT * FROM Document WHERE ecm:path='/default-domain/workspaces/Stage/test1'");

PropertyMap properties = father.get(0).getProperties();
Set<String> pkeys = properties.getKeys();
for(String pk : pkeys){

are dc:title and dc:modified.

Is there a way to get the ACL/ACE of a document with the nuxeo Automation client ?

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Indeed, Automation API doesn't provide GET method for document ACLs, only Set and Remove operations (on purpose)

I advise you to take a look at the new REST API of Nuxeo letting you getting all kind of information of documents:

The resource endpoint you're looking for, is the “aclAdapter”: GET /path/{docPath}/@acl You have to use a rest client to execute this GET method.

We're currently building REST API client in Java or other languages client side.


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