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we are currently looking to migrate our LTS 2019 to LTS 2021. However, as we build our platform from the source code, we were wondering why there is no 2021 LTS release on github? Which branch do we need to checkout?

Kind regards Tom

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LTS 2021 source code is not available: master branch and the previous LTS source code remain available.

If you are a Nuxeo client, we will provide you access to our repository.


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Not available yet, or will it not be available at all? Was there a strategy change away from open source ? How does the 2021 lts differ from lets say the master branch?

There will be a communication about this aspect. Nuxeo remains open source, only LTS2021 source code is protected.

When can we expect the communication about it? It is crucial to us because we are currently laying out our company wide QM and ECM on Nuxeo and thus need to know how we can proceed, if we can proceed at all

Hi. LTS means Long Term Support, and "support" means that someone has to work to do maintenance, bugfixes, quality assurance, packaging, delivery, etc., which you'll understand has a cost. LTS is therefore a service which we offer to our customers. The same bugfixes are also of course available in the master branch, which is always open source, but has no support attached and evolves much faster (and regularly includes new features).

Hello, we are aware of that, however the LTS for 2019 was maintained with a clearer structure in the repository. It is not clear what part of the feature branch is the base for the 2021 LTS.

Did any of your pricing options change as far as the retrieval of the 2021 LTS goes? We dont need Nuxeo Studio, but the LTS would be good to have access to. Can we get in touch somehow to discuss our options`?