How can I setup a SMTP server?


I would like to setup a local SMTP server to test if the notifications work correcly on my instance. How can I do that?



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Hi Manon!

There is an easy way to setup a local smtp server by using this project: It binds a dummy SMTP server that listens on whichever port you want (it means that those mails won't be really sent) and on which you can setup Nuxeo to send outgoing mails: when the server sends a mail, it shows up into the list of received emails.

To get this up and running, you only need to adjust your $NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeo.conf file to reflect this setup.


# Mail settings (for notifications)
mail.transport.port=25000 # Adjust with FakeSMTP configuration. Avoid port 25 that is generally used by other applications.


To start the software, just launch the command:

java -jar fakeSMTP.jar

If you are on Windows, you can check this software that seems to do the same job:



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Hi Manon,

we are using It's an easy to use mailserver with a docker container. It has a nice API which allows us to run integration tests.


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