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How to connect to external database in a Birt report runned in nuxeo ? Definitions included in *.rptdesign files are ignored and BirtEngine connects only to Nuxeo database.

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In the method getNuxeoReport of the class ReportHelper it should be included:

for (Iterator i = designHandle.getDataSources().iterator(); i.hasNext();) {
    OdaDataSourceHandle dsh = (OdaDataSourceHandle);

    (+)OdaDataSource ds = (OdaDataSource) dsh.getElement();            
    (+)Module root = ds.getRoot();
    (+)String odaJndiName = (String) ds.getProperty(root, "odaJndiName");
    (+)if (odaJndiName == null || odaJndiName.isEmpty())
        String singleDS = Framework.getProperty(
                    "nuxeo.db.singleDataSource", null);
    if (singleDS != null && !singleDS.isEmpty()) {
        (-)OdaDataSource ds = (OdaDataSource) dsh.getElement();

This code checks if there is the “odaJndiName” property in a report and use it. Otherwise, it runs as usual.

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