Upload File With Rest API for a folder in Specific Domain


I Have a problem, I have 2 servers available, 1 - default 2 - arizona I am trying to make a upload with Rest API, when I do the upload in directory

nuxeo_url + '/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces' - success

but when I do the upload in directory

nuxeo_url + ' /api/v1/path/arizona/files' - failed

Inside of Server arizona , I have this structure

   -- > default-domain
   -- > files

I need to include the file of upload inside do directory –>files

What should I use correct url ?


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I see what's going wrong. But I don't know which URL you should use. You have multiple repositories (servers). The current REST call you're trying to do will both go to the default repository (server).

Like this: default –> default-domain –> workspaces default –> arizona –> files

And you would like to do this: arizone –> files

I hope someone can help!


Hi Felipe,

I just found this in the Nuxeo API doc You can use the following url to upload in a specific repository {nuxeo_url}/api/v1/repo/{repoId}/path/{docPath}

in your case it will be {nuxeo_url}/api/v1/repo/arizona/path/files

Kind regards, Bauke

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Thanks Bauke Roo, It worked!