Document should be uncheckedout after cmis:checkin

Hello, I'am using CMIS protocol (1.1) with AtomPub service document to manage different actions for Alfresco, Nuxeo,… The whole works with Alfresco and Nuxeo 5.8. However, with Nuxeo LTS2015, i have a problem during a CHECKIN after a document creation :

Bad Request HTTP Statuts 400 - invalidArgument Invalid XML!

When i'using Apache Chemistry Workbench to test this action, there is no problem, checkin is ok (but Workbench does not use the same method).

List of the HTTP request i send to add and checking a document :

POST https://localhost:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis/default/children?id=706b2066-5340-44bd-b83c-f83188d2cc94
PUT https://localhost:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis/default/content?id=8fbbd042-f005-413c-9078-32e10c7fdb43 
PUT https://localhost:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis/default/entry?id=8fbbd042-f005-413c-9078-32e10c7fdb43&checkin=true&major=false (content-Type is "application/atom+xml;type=entry", with or without checkinComment)  

Document is perfectly created, but checkedout…

What is wrong in the last HTTP request ? Why it works according to the platform ?

Thanks for your help

There is no errors recorded server-side. In the XML, cmis:isVersionSeriesCheckedOut is true and should be “false**”

I fixed my problem : if the parameter cmis:isPrivateWorkingCopy is forced to false (see the XML below) with the checkin request, all works fine. See the XML below :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> 
<atom:entry xmlns:app="" xmlns:atom="" xmlns:cmis="" xmlns:cmism="" xmlns:cmisra="">
        <cmis:propertyBoolean propertyDefinitionId="cmis:isPrivateWorkingCopy">             

Thank you

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What are the errors recorded sever-side? And as it says "Invalid XML", what is the XML in question?

I'm not asking for the XML you received before, but the XML you send and to which the server responds with the error.