REST API - Thumbnails are not created after upload (BatchUpload)

I'm using java-client (same with curl invoking REST-API) to upload some image in a local instance of Nuxeo. The upload goes fine, but after this, I try to get Image thumbnail and a error occurs. The error is caused because the thumbnail, small and medium image still are not been created. To generate these, I have to use Nuxeo GUI via ADMIN section to recompute Pictures. Why does not Nuxeo generate these renditions? I need to have available them after the document creation. Can somebody help me? What am I doing wrong? I have used both nuxeo in Virtual box and in windows with installer.

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Hi, Seems that you're running into this bug:

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Hi Anahide, I'm trying the 8.2 version to avoid the bug, but I did not find Picture type in this version. How can I add Picture type for document? Thank you

Thank you very much…. I'll get next release in december

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