Cannot configure email - please help

I've been spending alot of time trying to reading instructions configure email but still cannot get it done.

I've study carefully this topic and follow instruction but cannot get gmail (or google apps email) work.

I thought it's because of something particular with gmail and/or SSL/TLS connection then I try another simple email ( POP/SMTP without secured connection).

I use that email account's paramerter in Outlook and it works just fine, but when configure in Admin Cent for email (with the same info) but cannot get it works.

I've spent a lot of time with email configuration but still failed and I don't know what else to do now to get it work. Could anyone help me with this? Apart from setting in the Admin Center, are there any other places that I should look at and modify in order to get i run?

The info for my email account is:

  • Non-SSL Settings

  • Username:

  • Password: Use the email account’s password

  • Incoming Server:

  • IMAP: Port 143

  • POP3: Port 110

  • Outgoing Server:

  • SMTP: Port 25 Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Thank you.

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Could anyone please help me on this? I've spent quite alot of time but cannot make it work.


you can set these information directly in your nuxeo.conf file (under $NUXEO_HOME/bin/ if using the ZIP distribution)

# Mail settings (for notifications)

But if you have set them from the admin center, you should find these lines with values (probably at the end of the file).

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