Running Nuxeo (in http) behind Apache in https: missing config variable?

We have been running for a while with no problems with Nuxeo/http running behind an Apache httpd reverse proxy also running http. We are currently moving the Apache instance to use https instead.

I followed the instructions in various places, eg here:

(except with “casemanager” substituted for “nuxeo” as the root of the URL. Also the proxy was set up on a non-standard port, 8090)

And added nuxeo-virtual-host when moving to https.

When trying to access https://REVERSE_PROXY:8090/casemanager/

I would get redirected to

http://REVERSE_PROXY:8090/casemanager/nxstartup.faces (ie http not https)

This happened regardless of whether nuxeo-virtual-host was set

Looking at the tcpdump logs confirmed the headers were all set sensibly, but the redirect was wrong

Get /casemanager/
X-Forwarded-Host REVERSE_PROXY:8090
X-Forwarded-Proto: https
nuxeo-virtual-host: https://REVERSE_PROXY:8090/


HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
Location: http://REVERSE_PROXY:8090/casemanager/nxstartup.faces

I fixed it by adding the following directive to Apache for /casemanager/ URLs:

Header edit Location http://(.*/casemanager.*) https://$1

This all seems to work (I didn't remove the nuxeo-virtual-app to see if that was still necessary)

But was curious if I could have messed something up (given the above request headers seem correct) - plus to post my solution in case it helps anyone else.

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if you're running Nuxeo 5.6, maybe you felt on this bug NXP-12515 or this one NXP-10891. Upgrading to Nuxeo 5.8 should fix your problem.

Kind regards, Thierry

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Gah apparently my googling skills were weak :( Thanks!