Disable Nuxeo Connect

I'm siting behind a firewall and as such there I'm not allowed to configure Nuxeo Connect to reach out. The issue is, that it seems as if there is not an option to just completely disable this and it slows down my startup time.

Can it be disabled and if so how?

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you can add this property in your nuxeo.conf to indicate that your network does not authorize your Nuxeo instance to contact Nuxeo Connect:


Kind regards, Thierry

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That works, thanks. Why isn't that an option during configuration?

because we push Nuxeo users to customize their instance, and Nuxeo Studio, which is designed for that, is a SaaS and need to reach Nuxeo Connect.

Also because, if you're talking about the configuration done during the startup wizard, we only expose the more commonly used options. If you want to configure in details your instance, then manually edit the nuxeo.conf file (or use the "advanced configuration" mode in the Admin Center) and follow the Configuration Parameters Index (nuxeo.conf) documentation.