Add Action button in a content view result list cell.

hello guys.

I'm customizing the content view of my folder type, I would like to give the possibility to download one file from the list with one click.

I've added a column named 'Download' and I wanted to add a form action in the corresponding cell but the widget list ( 'Palette' doesn't show me any action widget ( I've already created a download User action that suit my needs and I was using it from a form Action widget in a custom summary tab )

Any help on this ?

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Hi, there is no easy way to do this for now (adding user actions in the listing layout columns). But for your particular use case, you can try to drop a “generic widget” (in the advanced widgets category) and choose among the listing* widgets in the type atttribute, there should be one that ddoes what you want (having a link to download the file). Sorry, I cannot test them now to find which one. Also for configuring it, you can read Use a generic widget in layouts (you are in the table layout case).

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I've tried to use a DocumentAction widget type in the generic widget but it shows an error : Cannot convert org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.query.api.PageSelection@68dd66df of type class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.query.api.PageSelection to interface org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.DocumentModel :(