Nuxeo Drive "Created and Modified date"

Hello. I'm connecting to the nuxeo with Nuxeo Drive. Synchronization works fine, but creation and modification date of files and folders changes to date when synchronized. It doesn't show the real modification date. How can I configure Nuxeo drive for getting real dates of files.

Thanks in advance!

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Currently this is the default behaviour and it is not configurable. It's an interesting point though, created about it as we need to:

  • Study the impact of such a change.
  • Decide if we want to make this the default behaviour.


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thank you!

I'd suppose such behaviour didn't change ever since, but what's the preferred way to change back creation date after (Drive-based) import?

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No it didn't change. There is currently no way to do such thing.

If you'd like the documents synchronized from Drive to the server to have the dc:created and dc:modified metadatas set to the creation and modificaiton time of the original file on the file system, we would have to make Drive send this information to the server at upload, which requires some development.

The other way around, letting the files synchronized from the server to the file system have the creation and modification time from the server documents is tracked by, but not planned yet.