can Bulk document importer conserve audit informations

I tested the export/import a folder, I saw that the 'document.xml' files contains tags

 <dc:created> <! [CDATA [2013-03-29T11: 12:00.14 Z]]> </ dc: created>
 <dc:created> <! [CDATA [2013-03-29T11: 12:00.14 Z]]> </ dc: created>

but when you import the file it take the current date as creation date of all files and folders and the current user as creator

is there a way that these values ​​are the same values ​​of the exported file when using Bulk document importer with a customized configuration and DocumentModelFactory or default ?

also does the bulk document importer can be configured to import the history log of all events associated with imported documents and folders?

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Check the documentation at (section Importer and Metadata.


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