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In Studio, how can we change the action id in the “additional configuration tabs.”

Currently, you can change the label and order but not the id.

I would replace “CVTAB@Workspace_1” with “TAB_FILESHARE” for example.

To make a request via a web address like this:


instead of


Example of code generated by Studio in the bundle:

 <action> id="CVTAB@Workspace_1" link="/studio_content_view_tabs/studio_cvtab_Workspace_1.xhtml" order="2000" label="Mes fichiers partagés">
   <category>VIEW_ACTION_LIST</ category>
   <filter id="filter@CVTAB@Workspace_1">
     <rule grant="true">
       <permission> ReadWrite </ permission>
       <type> Workspace </ type>
     </ rule>
     <rule grant="false">
       <condition> document.isImmutable () | | document.isProxy () </ Condition>
     </ rule>
     <rule grant="false">
       <condition>! document.getPathAsString (). startsWith ("/ default-domain/UserWorkspaces /") </ Condition>
     </ rule>
   </ filter>
 </ action>

alt text

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This feature was made available before the “Tabs” feature was.

Since 5.6, you can create a tab with the identifier you want, and make sure it's available on your document type configuring the filters in the “Enablement” tab.

Content views available here can be configured using the “Content View” widget. Documentation is available here:

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