How to define and handle permission for members in a group using REST API ?


I want to have a group of member and an admin .

Members will have only the read rights, whereas admin will have all the rights even to manipulate the users.

How should this be done using Rest API ? I could not find examples or any documentation on how to do it.

Could someone please share on how to do it ?

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Hmm looks like I have to define permissions to the workspace or folder which I define. How to set permissions using REST API ? where is it mentioned in the documentation … aarrggg

btw if someone is breaking their head as I did so do not worry when you have Sherry. Here is the solution to do it with the .Net client

Entity doc = client.Operation(“Document.AddPermission”)

                          .SetParameter("username", "crapgroup")
                          .SetParameter("permission", "Read")

To do it with Rest API you can follow the parameters here

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