How to query extended info keys in Audit.QueryWithPageProvider API?

I have tried to get audit logs using /api/v1/automation/Audit.QueryWithPageProvider API and manged to get below result.


    "params": {
        "providerName": "EVENTS_VIEW",
        "namedQueryParams": {
            "principalName": "Administrator"
        "pageSize": 100,
        "sortOrder": "DESC",
        "sortBy": "eventDate"
    "context": {}


    "entity-type": "logEntries",
    "isPaginable": true,
    "resultsCount": 2744,
    "pageSize": 100,
    "maxPageSize": 1000,
    "resultsCountLimit": 0,
    "currentPageSize": 100,
    "currentPageIndex": 0,
    "currentPageOffset": 0,
    "numberOfPages": 28,
    "isPreviousPageAvailable": false,
    "isNextPageAvailable": true,
    "isLastPageAvailable": true,
    "isSortable": true,
    "hasError": false,
    "errorMessage": null,
    "pageIndex": 0,
    "pageCount": 28,
    "entries": [
            "entity-type": "logEntry",
            "id": 5920,
            "category": "eventDocumentCategory",
            "principalName": "Administrator",
            "comment": null,
            "docLifeCycle": "project",
            "docPath": "/DMS-TENANT1",
            "docType": "Domain",
            "docUUID": "befe4474-59b1-4182-a223-8350becc15cb",
            "eventId": "documentModified",
            "repositoryId": "default",
            "eventDate": "2020-06-24T12:07:22.555+05:30",
            "logDate": "2020-06-24T12:07:24.706+05:30",
            "extended": {
                "lastContributor": "Administrator",
                "creator": "Administrator",
                "created": "2020-06-24T12:07:22.205+05:30",
                "modified": "2020-06-24T12:07:22.545+05:30",
                "description": "DMS-TENANT1",
                "contributors": [
                "title": "DMS-TENANT1"

I want to filter these logs on the basis of keys present in extended object. How can I do it using namedQueryParams present in the request?

Whenever I try to put extended keys in namedQueryParams, I get this error. org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.model.PropertyNotFoundException: Failed to invoke operation: Audit.QueryWithPageProvider, Failed to invoke operation Audit.QueryWithPageProvider with aliases [Audit.PageProvider], description

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