Best way to test(and then upgrade) to v5.5 with existing (5.4.2) Postgresql DB?

I have been attempting to point v5.5 to my existing PGSQL database. I have defined NUXEO_HOME, NUXEO_CONF and I have moved the blob data, logs and nuxeo.conf file out of the Nuxeo_HOME directory. All of this works on v5.4.2.

I've unzipped a version of 5.5 (nuxeo-dm-5.5-I20111205_0016-tomcat), stopped the 5.4.2 server, changed NUXEO_HOME to the unzipped directory for 5.5 version, started the $NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeoctl wizard and using the wizard pointed the appropriate parameters to the PGSQL database.

It it appears that the /conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml file is pointing to derby not to PGSQL. It seems 5.5 has a parameterized “Resource” template which is different from 5.4.2.

I do have a Connect/Studio account and I have quite a few extensions to add once I get the basic 5.5 version working with the existing data. No production system(yet) but it's coming very soon.


What is the best way to test and then ultimately upgrade to v5.5? What am I missing?



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Ok, I reproduced this problem and this is a bug on this SNAPSHOT you downloaded yesterday. Thank you for this feedback. This problem has been fixed now and you can download the next SNAPSHOT that will be published tonight, or you can download that version now from here. Download the file like that:

For information, your problem was during the installation. At the end of the installation, the nuxeo.conf file is generated with informations you selected during this phase. The nuxeo.templates parameter was not set and so the default database was activated.

You can fix your problem also with adding the following line into your nuxeo.conf file: nuxeo.templates=postgresql

If you have any trouble during your test of the nuxeo-5.5-SNAPSHOT version don't hesitate to give us your feedback as we are making today a release candidate.

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It's working now…..Thanks,

I found an issue with MailFolders with v5.5 but I'll post that in a separate question.

Thanks, again.



You've applied the right procedure.
It seems to be an issue with the distribution you tested.
We are about to publish a release candidate “Nuxeo 5.5-RC1”. When it will be available, if you try again the upgrade and get the same issue, you're very welcome to create a Jira issue with as much information as possible.

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