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Nuxeo's notification feature is very good but they are all automatic notification. Sometime when we create a content or we find existing content that we think some particular user should know it, it would be nice to have a feature to send or notify them via email. If not, we have to manualy create a email, edit subject, copy link and content to send to other poeple. It's rather not convienient.

Actually Nuxeo DM Mobile version has exactly what mentioned above and it work very nice with “Share via email feature” and automatically create an email in client, and all we have to do is to click Send.

Is there anyway that we can have the same feature in Nuxeo desktop version.

The Share Via Email in Mobile version create an email like this.

From: Tùng Aroma Subject: [Nuxeo] Tùng Aroma shared the document AR IT Nuxeo hướng dẫn sử dụng ban đầut Date: January 2, 2014 at 3:39:48 PM GMT+7 To: Tùng Aroma Cc: “”


Tùng Aroma thought you'd like AR IT Nuxeo hướng dẫn sử dụng ban đầu:

Updated: Dec 25, 2013 4:23:06 PM Created: Dec 25, 2013 4:15:53 PM Author: Tùng Aroma

Location: /default-domain/workspaces/AROMA Tổng/K. KĨ THUẬT CÔNG NGHỆ/02. GIẢI PHÁP/02. Nuxeo/AR IT Nuxeo hướng dẫn sử State: project Version: 0.0

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There was a button on the upper toolbar to do just that but it looks like it was removed between 5.5 and 5.6. I'll try to see why…

But there is still a button available on the popup menu. If you do a right click on the icon of a document, on a content tab, you should see the email button.

I'll try to see what we can do about this.


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Thank you for your helpful information. I tried and did see the Send feature with right click on it.

The particular problem with my situation is that I cannot set up email notification (spent a lot of time, reading all questions and answer here but still cannot get i work). In my situaation, the "Share Via Email" becomes even more important. And even I found the Send Email feauture like you guide, it seems that that feature also use Nuxeo's email notification, and it doesn't work in my situation. Therefore I can not see how that email looks like. Does it look like email sent via Mobile version I copied above with updated information about the topic/content?

Is there any way to have the Share Via Email on the top menu just like the Mobile version? It would be very cool to have that feature.

Thanks alot..