Any change to BigFolder facet in 5.6?

When migrating an older codebase to 5.6 I noticed an innocuous-seeming message in the startup log about the BigFolder facet being undeclared. I took a quick look in the 5.6 source and in the documentation and it seems as though BigFolder is still supported. Before I dig deeper, I thought I would ask if there is any change to BigFolder in 5.6 GA?

Many thanks, Bruce.

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Answer: Just had to register the facet in the same contribution as my custom doc types…

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.core.schema.TypeService" point="doctype">    
    <facet name="BigFolder" />      
    <doctype name="Partner Folder" extends="Folder">
        <schema name="mycommon" />
        <schema name="uid" />
        <facet name="BigFolder" /> 
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Thanks, we'll try to register it in the next Nuxeo version, see NXP-10966.