Speeding up the hot reload using Chrome Dev Tools or Admin Update?


I wanted to inquire about a general solution for speeding up the Hot Reload – whether that be from the Chrome Nuxeo Dev Tools or the Update via the Admin Portal. Currently, it takes about 2-3 minutes for a Hot Reload to execute from start-to-finish with the new package from Nuxeo Studio to be deployed.

I just wanted to see if there was anything we can do, either server/platform side or Nuxeo Studio configuration side, to help speed up this performance?


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You can install https://connect.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/site/marketplace/package/marketplace-disable-studio-snapshot-validation on your Nuxeo instance (Note: this is a Nuxeo Labs addon, not supported in Production). In any case, a standard hot reload should take around 10s.


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Thanks for the quick reply, Gregory! I installed the package you linked above, and I have noticed a considerable improvement in the reload time. We are reloading at around 1 minute now, down from 2-3 minutes previously.

You mentioned a standard hot reload is around 10s. Is there any additional improvements that we can make to speed the reload even more? It appears the longest step is the 'deployment-preprocessor' step.

From server.log:

[org.nuxeo.runtime.reload.ReloadComponent] Hot reload was done in 59650 ms, detailed steps:

  • flush: 7 ms
  • stop/standby: 2040 ms
  • undeploy-bundles: 203 ms
  • delete-copy: 22 ms
  • reload-resources: 0 ms
  • deploy-bundles: 1072 ms
  • start/resume: 10393 ms
  • deployment-preprocessor: 45906 ms
  • reload-properties: 1 ms

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To improve your configuration deployment speed:

  • If you've deployed nuxeo-web-ui and you are working on the UI aspect, please use the Designer Live Preview button from the Browser Extension: It allows you to deploy the UI resources just by refreshing the webpage
  • Are you using nuxeo-jsf-ui? I've worked for a long time with nuxeo-jsf-ui and hotreload was never an issue, but we know the system stop and start faster without it
  • Are you running Nuxeo on Windows / Linux / … ? What about your hardware resources ?
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  • We have not deployed nuxeo-web-ui and are are not utilizing web-ui within our application
  • We are using nuxeo-jsf-ui and need it installed for our application
  • Windows Server 2016 w/ 28GB of RAM and 4 vCPUs (and plenty of free SSD capacity)