how to map schema elements to jsf fields

I want to do some conditions on a suggestOneDirectory for this i'm trying to display elements created in directory , normally i would do

      <label mode="any">Civilité</label>
    <properties mode="any">
      <property name="width">300</property>
      <property name="labelFieldName">label_{lang}</property>
      <property name="dbl10n">true</property>
      <property name="minChars">0</property>
      <property name="hideHelpLabel">true</property>
      <property name="directoryName">civilite_directory</property>
      <property name="keySeparator">/</property>
      <property name="placeholder">Civilité</property>
      <property name="documentSchemas">dublincore,layout_demo_schema</property>
      <property name="repository">default</property>
    <controls mode="any">
      <!-- enable ajax submit on change/click/select on demo application -->
      <control name="supportInsideInputWidgetEffects">true</control>
      <mode value="any">#{layoutValue.rens.statut=='Prospect'?'create':'hidden'}</mode>
but now since i want to add some conditions i'm using `template` as type and i'm looking for a way to map my schema to jsf to be displayed on ? Any help would be appreciated.
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