Alternating row colors in the Nuxeo content view table


I am using nuxeo 5.5 tomcat version , I would like to have the rows in my content table with different colors (like in nuxeo 5.4.1). I have created my own component where I can modify the theme colors, I already found the css file that control the table colors, tables.css, this css file lets me change the rows's color, the problem is that when I change the ccs component that controls the row background this color is applied to all the table rows. I think I could achieve a solution using javascript, but what/where is the html/xml file that defines the content table? Is there any other way to solve this problem?


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The content views rows are styled with the CSS classes dataRowOdd and dataRowEven. You can use different styles for them to have different colors for odd and even rows.

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Thanks Florent, I just added .dataRowOdd { background-color: #ECF6FF } to my tables.css file and now it is working