When to set CORS setting


To activate CORS, the link: https://doc.nuxeo.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=14257084 provide some xml to allow Corss-domain.

Where should I put this xml file ? In what file ?



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As it is a component, you can set it up into any xml extension file in your OSGI-INF folder, if you use Nuxeo IDE, or directly in an xml extension if you use Nuxeo Studio (more information). Third solution is to name you xml file with whatever_your_want-config.xml (only the -config.xml part is important), and put it in the config directory of your server:

  • $NUXEO/nxserver/config for a Tomcat distribution,
  • $NUXEO/server/default/deploy/nuxeo.ear/config for a JBoss distribution.

Also, if you use the first option, don't forget to declare the xml extension file in your MANIFEST.MF in your META-INF folder.

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