Nuxeo java injection annotation listing?

Is there a listing, for Nuxeo Java annotations, similar to referenced the seam annotation page?

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Not at the moment. What kind of Nuxeo annotations would you like to see in such a listing?

Being able to see all the Seam annotations gives a broad but detailed technical perspective with respect to how Seam has used the injection technology to implement it's functions and what is available for the users of SEAM for implementing a design. Something similar for Nuxeo would be of value not only for implementation specifics but for higher level functional design.

For example, I didn't realize Nuxeo used the @Context annotation which would give me different contexts depending on the fields injected until I asked the question about reading and writing to an Operation context in a Java classes. I began to view contexts within Nuxeo in a much differently when I started to understand how Nuxeo is using @Context annotation.

So to answer your question, "Which annotations to put on such a list?": Any annotations that are unique to Nuxeo or annotations which are not necessarily unique to Nuxeo but used extensively by Nuxeo software. @Context is a good start, @Parameter also. The listing would serve a similar function to the way the large body of information on how Nuxeo uses OSGi gives a perspective on how Nuxeo's various major subsystems are implemented albeit an a lower level of abstraction.

If the annotations have their origin in SEAM or some other package Nuxeo uses then a brief description of how Nuxeo uses these annotations is valuable to "connect the dots" between those packages and Nuxeo.

Sometimes I find when reading the Nuxeo documentation I find the detailed information I looking for but then cannot climb up the abstraction tree, to understand how the detailed information fits into the bigger picture. Not being able to move up "the abstraction tree" is probably because of the loose coupling of Nuxeo modules: A very good thing, but difficult to document. This learning issue may be unique to my background and experience but it is something that I constantly fighting in my Nuxeo project. Having an annotation listing/reference should help.


I've started an annotations listing: Of course it doesn't give many explanations yet…

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Thank You!!!