[Nuxeo CMF 5.6] Context menu stops working after an ajax refresh


I'm observing a very serious issue on CMF 5.6-RC3 (haven't checked on the released 5.6), no customization: On the Inbox panel page showing the listing of incoming items, after triggering manually Refresh button (not shown by default) the context menu on the item link doesn't work anymore. Instead the usual browser context menu takes place.

My analysis:

  • no error in logs or client side
  • it seems to be related to an ajax request execution (reproduced with another ajax-based action)
  • haven't seen anything strange in the html/javascript after the ajax call - in the state the problem occurs
  • tested on firefox and chrome
  • works again after refreshing the page by clicking on the current tab link

Do you have an idea how to debug this thing? Nuxeo guys, could you please make a test? It looks like a bug.


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Hasn't anybody run into this issue?? It doesn't seem to be related to CMF, so it should be generic to Nuxeo EP..

I can reproduce the issue: https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-10332

Thanks for the report

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Is it possible to be fixed in 5.6? it's a serious problem of usability for my application, but I'm surprised there is no more feedback than that from other developpers: not many solutions use ajax refresh??

do you see any workaround for this? Thanks in advance.

this is probably a javascript issue (some script not executed again after ajax re-render, preventing the context menu to show up).